Rick Perry fights to win voters’ confidence

Rick Perry is trying hard to strengthen his position in the electoral race for presidential polls in 2012. Despite all his efforts, though, it seems Iowa is losing faith in Perry.

Brian Kennedy, Scott County finance chairman was found advocating President Obama and calling on people to endorse him. Obama visited Scott county twice this year campaigning for the elections.

Kennedy further stated that Scott County has become a battleground for all political rivals.Seeing a Romney leader focusing on the president, Perry can better realize that there is a need to go for Republican primary process before he could prove himself better that Obama. Already, anti0-Romney voters have split opinions about six different candidates. Thus, for Perry, it will be difficult to come even among the top ten candidates.

The Polls are scheduled in Hawkey State on Jan 3, which will further decide the future strategy of Perry for presidential polls. Before Perry could start his speech, Mike Batcher, another Iowan contesting for Congress, mocked him for his inability to remember thierd federal agency he referred.

However, Perry still tried to retain his calm and continued persuading voters to choose him. He stated, “The test of any American is not whether or not we get knocked down. We’re all going to do that. Every one of us has. But it’s whether we get up.”  He also hoped that Americans will define people by their values.

Israel denies financial aid to UNESCO to oppose Palestinian membership

Israel denies financial aid to UNESCO to oppose Palestinian membership

Benjamin Netanyahu ,After the United State, it was Israel’s turn to show anger over UN decision to give recognition to Palestine as a sovereign independent state and full membership. Israeli Prime Minister  called on to stop giving financial aid to UN cultural wing—UNESCO.

Netanyahu  stated that  Israel would discontinue its contribution to UNESCO’s annual budget as the United Nations has accepted Palestine as a member. Israel’s contributions to UN cultural wing accounts for $2 million.

“The prime minister also declared that instead of contributing to UNESCO, Isreal would prefer spending this money  for cooperative initiatives in its region to fulfill similar goals.

Netanyahu’s declaration comes following the United States’ fierce reaction to UNESCO’s voting to accept Palestine as a member of UN. Israel also joined hands with the United States and opposed UN decision.  Israel’s decision of taking back its financial support from UNESCO has been severely criticized by countries across the globe.

He stated that accepting Palestine as its member, UN has pushed peace process back.  Real peace can not be achieved by negotiations with conditions, he added.

The United States pulled its hands back from helping UNESCO. The UNESCO has been receiving 22 percent of its annual budget from the United States.

U.S. retains trade sanctions against Khartoum Government

The White House extended sanctions on Sudan citing that the later has not made any improvement that could convince the United States.

Barack Obama extended the sanctions imposed upon Sudan since 1997 for one more year. These sanctions block the ways for any trade relation and investment between the United States and Sudan. The imposition also include seizure of Sudanese assets.

US president offeredKhartoum government to improve the bilateral relations between the two countries by cooperating with the January referendum, according to which South Sudan declared its independence on July 9 this year.

Khartoum and the South Sudan government continue to fight over oil-producing border state of South Kordofan and there have been continuous clashes between the protesters and Khartoum government security forces for more than 6 months.

Blue Nile and Abyei states has remained amid violent conflicts and there is no peace in Darfur, where non-Arab protesters started violent rebel against Khartoum way back in 2003.

The United States and international community for committing genocide in crushing the rebels also criticized Khartoum government severely. The United States put Khartoum in the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Though on frequent requests by the Khartoum government, the United States had lifted control from export of agricultural products, yet it warned Sudan to improve the situation as soon as possible.

Sudan’s oil industry was also given exemption from sanctions but now the United States is advocating reimplementation of restrictions over oil trade between the two countries.

Pakistan agitated over BBC allegations of supporting Talibanis

Pakistani military has completely dismissed the report by BBC which accused the country of helping Talibanis in Afghanistan and providing them a safe heaven.

Major General Athar Abbas, spokesperson of Pakistan military called the report as biased. He said the report is one-sided and does not take into account the people who were “badly hit or affected” by it.

In the report, a Taliban commander has also been mentioned saying that Pakistan played important role in providing support, sheleter, and supplies to the Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. However, the credibility of BBC report was also questioned by Pakistani military.

The United States has been doubting Pakistan and its intelligence agency ISI of supporting militants with vested interest of gaining influence over Afghanistan. The NATO combat troops are to leave Afghanistan in 2014 and this might be a reason for Pakistan to long for increasing its influence by supporting Taliban fighters in the country.

A top U.S. military officer, Admiral Mike Mullen,  had also accused of the ISI of supporting militants in their attack on US embassy in Afghanistan. Haqqani network, which is believed to have links with Al Queda is considered to have received strong support from the ISI.

Pakistan also denied all allegations made by the United States. Malik stated that it was true that the ISI had recruited intelligence personnel but did not support Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Malik made a counterattack by saying that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and Britain’s security service also maintained communication with the Haqqani network in order to get information about militants.

This is however, well known to all that Pakistan openly supported Talibanis in Afghanistan before 9/11 attacks on the United States and maintained diplomatic relations with them.

Leading Mexican presidential contestant pledges to fight against drugs

Santiago Creel who is fighting for presidential polls in Mexico assured the nation to fight against drug gangs provided he win.

Former interior minister of National Action Party (PAN) of Mexico stated this while giving an interview. Surprisingly, the minister is a candidate from a ruling party, yet dares to talk about government’s failures.

Creel also stated that he would withdraw from current government policies and separate the army from fight with drug abuse.

Santiago expressed his dissatisfaction with President Felipe Calderon’s military strategy, and stated that the policy has already served its purpose and now needs to be changed.

Creel explained that the present policy is quite expensive and elaborate which was not needed now. Creel is right now leading as a candidate from PAN for presidential elections in 2012.

Drugs have led to many violent disputes in Mexico since President Calderon involved army since December 2006 after coming into power. This, however, damaged his reputation within his party. Involvement of army also strained Mexico’s relationship with the United States.

The United States backed his military approach to solve drug-related crisis but Calderon was severely criticized by Mexican diplomats and opposition leaders.

The violence has caused more than 44,000 deaths in Mexico.


US says bereaved Libyan president ‘missed’ to opt for democracy

President Barack Obama expressed his regret over Libyan autocratic leader Mummar Gaddafi’s reluctance to accept rebellions’ demand for democracy, which ultimately resulted in his ouster and death. The US president considers the story of Libyan revolution as a lesson to all dictators across the globe.

President Obama stated this while talking to Jay Leno in “Tonight Show” on NBC channel. He added that Gaddafi had terrorized his nation for 42 years with his ruthless suppression and supported terrorism too.

Obama said that “the Arab Spring” or surge of revolution among Libyans to get democracy provided a good chance to Gaddafi to accept a peaceful transition of power, but he missed it.

Gaddafi was captured and killed by the supporters of National Transition Council [TNC] of Libyan rebels and later on buries in a secret place on Tuesday.

There are many diplomats and human right activists raising questions over the ways he was mocked, beaten, abused before being killed, yet Obama stressed on the fact that the former dictator had to end up like this as people of Libya wanted freedom which he had denied.

At present, the US president is busy in campaigning for 2012 presidential polls for re-election. He attended the show in his busy schedules in western states—California, Nevada and Colorado.

Obama also mentioned that he was too busy to watch his political rivals’ debates when asked by the show host.

US sends troops to Pakistan border

The United States sent its troops to Afghan area near border to Pakistan. According to a report by local media of Pakistan the troops consist heavy artillery and helicopter gunships.

The US military has taken a new position in an area which is adjacent to –insurgent-infested part of North Waziristan. The border also touches Ghulum Khan. The US troops shifted here on last Saturday and Sunday night.

The report also quoted Pakistani authorities and tribal leaders who revealed that US troops have taken position on hilltops from where they can observe the insurgents.

Another sources revealed that the US military also began a door-to-door search in KHost Province of Afghanistan to catch insurgents.

NATO warplanes were also seen across the border, revealed villagers of Ghulam Khan where US forces have also been deployed by now.

US forces’ sudden change in their position has culminated tension in the border area as US military also imposed curfew and banned traffic on main roads that connect border areas— Ghulam Khan of Pakistan and Khost province of Afghanistan.

Government authorities also confirmed this report, said the source. However, there was no confirmation of any such reports by the United States and NATO forces. No media sources from any other country has supported the same.

Iranian crude murder plan against Saudi envoy shocks US

Iran plans to assassinate Saudi envoy to US

The US administration sought for explanation over proofs of Iran’s involvement in the murder plot against Saudi ambassador to the United States on Wednesday. The action has been severely criticized by foreign leaders and diplomats.

The US officials could not explain over their findings of Quds Force’s involvement as this would definitey tarnish the image of the unit which is part of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and is considered being one of the elite international operations.

Jay Carney, spokesperson of Obama government kept on saying that there were clear evidence of senior officials of Quds Forces’ participation in the assassination plan, however he did not say anything further.

Iranian authorities fiercely opposed the American accusation and called it a deliberate act to tarnish Iran’s image.

Meanwhile, the US officials revealed they were trying to establish reasons to justify what their findings prove and indicated that as Quds Force is a known hand in supplying arms to the insurgents and training them, the murder plot might be an outcome of Iran’s changing strategy toward Saudi Arabia and the United States. The move might also be a trial to create tension  and between the United States and Saudi Arabia and spoil their economic relations.

Americans cheer with added 103,000 Jobs

The United States reduces unemployment to cheer its citizens by reaching 103,000 jobs in September.

Despite the dark predictions about further negative impacts of recession on American economy, Obama administration can boast to defy all by this added employment. However, the addition in jobs has not changed the current unemployment rate, which remains on its August level– 9.1 percent.

The US economy is going through severe financial crisis since 2008 following the fall of two major US banks Lehman Brothers and Merill Lynch.

Meanwhile President Obama is trying hard to pass the jobs bill. According to the Labor Department, the Democrat’s are likely to face tough time with expectations to improve US economy in the midst of aggravating recession.

The country has gained 55,000 new jobs altogather in September. Following this the Labor Department has revised its statistics of zero job growth to a gain of 57,000 jobs since August.

Addressing a conference, President Obama called on Congress to cooperate in improving national economy and prevent job losses. He also urged diplomats to not bring politics in the way of job bill for national interests.

US vested interests exposed again

Recent incidents have exposed the dual faces of US diplomat once again. The disgusting game of death and destruction, which the United States of America has been playing with rest of the world in the name of promoting democracy and anti-terrorism campaigns is not hidden from anybody.

What the United States justifies its actions with is all to establish peace and democracy, but behind curtains its foreign policy is dictated by oil diplomacy and on ways to seek for reasons to exploit other nations’ resources.

If the Bigg Boss and Uncle Sam today declares Pakistan among suspects of terrorism sponsoring nations and says it would attack the later getting evidence of the accusation, it does not surprise anybody. Be it Afghanistan or Iraq, Cuba or Indo-China, US ambitions have always come up naked.

Recently Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has been declared a terrorists’ ally and blamed for having a hand behind attack on US Embassy in Kabul.

Experts of politics are in doubt regarding the notion that this declaration is the beginning of US war against Pakistan. Annoyed by Russia and China’s support to Palestinians’ demand for statehood in the UN General Assembly, US gets no excuse to hide its real intentions.

Israel has always been a problem state since its inception. Palestinians were pushed toward margins and suppressed in their own homeland for many decades.

However, even after 20 years of continuous killing of civilians, Palestinians are yet begging for peace. though the United States has always posed to be negotiating with Israel on its behalf for settlement.

However, now the real intentions of the superpower are clear with its strong protest, against Palestinian demand for UN membership as a sovereign state. Palestinian should now better seek for a bilateral solution with Israel rather than looking at the United States or its puppet UN for achieving peace and sovereignty.