US administration paces up to resolve debt fight

Count down for saving itself from debt default has already started for the Obama administration.The Congress is fighting fiercely  in the weekend session on Capitol Hill to save the United States from another aftermath of economic crunch.

The GOP-led House approved the bill seeking for increasing borrowing limit for the US economy from the previous limit of $14.3  for an expensive deal for reducingcuts and other budgetary amendment.

However it too the Democrats almost two hours to set for a test vote for building up their own debt ceiling and thrust it over their opponents.

The Democrats, Republicans and the US government are to negotiate deeply over this issue looking for the most acceptable compromise to make the economy run and GOP senators are expected to play vital roles in this regard.

Obama, revealed on Saturday that his government was short of time and called on all diplomats to end “political gamesmanship” for the sake of America and its people. The final outcome of this fiasco is yet to be seen however, it is quite obvious that both the Democrats and the Republicans are standing at odd edges this time and looking for ways to pressurize diplomats for an additional budget.