US Agrees Upon Egyptian President’s ‘Orderly’ Exit

The Egyptian government bans social network Twitter following mass outrage and demonstrations against President Hosni Mubarak.

The United States has finally settled down with a hope that Egyptian president will step down. Seeing the large scale of demonstrations and public protests the US administration has realized it had underestimated Egyptians’ discontent with Hosni Mubarak’s 30 years’ rule.

The US showed its displeasure over Mubarak’s reactions against public demonstrations asking for his exit.

The US authorities also communicated with Cairo government regarding a transitional course of action for conduction free polls after Hosni Mubarak’s exit from president ship.

A former US diplomat Frank Wisner was sent to Cairo on Monday to convey US message to the Egypt Government.

US has so far played no role in Cairo’s politics. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has completely blocked the use of the internet and cell phones—two effective modes of communication through which the United States could affect any movement in the country.

Moreover, the United States also does not seem to be interested in showcasing its sympathy toward Hosni Mubarak against whom entire Egypt has began a campaign and his ouster has become quite evitable.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs called Mubarak’s attempt to include new members in his cabinet as futile and stressed on real action like- freedom of speech, and association, communications and assembly – and most importantly removing emergency laws, freeing political prisoners and modifying the Egyptian Constitution as they are important key issues.