US doubts Chinese leadership ‘disconnected’ from military

US Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, visits Japan to discuss on Tokyo’s military role in East Asian region. The diplomat also aimed to get an assurance for US for no further threats from N Korea and China and enhance US-Japan military ties.

The stealth fighter’s test flight by China has worried the United States and US doubts whether there is any cooperation among military and politicians in China, Gates revealed  on Friday.

China had tested J-20 fighter on Tuesday, during US diplomat’s visit to Beijing. However, Chinese President Hu Jintao stated that he was not aware of any such test when asked by Robert Gates.

China had tested an anti-satellite missile in 2007 and there was a conflict between a U.S. surveillance ship  and Chinese ship in waters of the South China Sea in 2009. This was also an incident that reflected poor coordination between Chinese Government and the military as the leaders were not even informed regarding these tests and conflicts.

However, Gates clarified that he had no doubt over President Hu Jintao’s leadership quality and his administration.

The US defense secretary also did not point out whether the nuclear weapons of China were under the control of military or the civilian government.