US offers to help Ivory Coast president for dignified exit


Amidst pressure from the international community to resign from Ivory Coast president’s post, Laurent Gbagbo gets a more lucrative offer from the United States. US officials revealed that White House would help Gbagbo in leaving the country gracefully after his resignation.

ECOWAS, West African organization failed to convice Gbagbo to hand over power to his rival leader and former Prime Minister Alassane Ouattara. However, Gbagbo is yet not ready to quit easily.

P.J. Crowley, Spokesman for the US State Department stated that they were negotiating with Ivory Coast president and other diplomats in West Africa. He added that US hopes that Gbagbo pays heed to their message and resigns. If he does not follow their advice, US will also support ECOWAS for further action. Presidents of Republic of Benin, Cape Verde and Sierra Leone met Kenyan premier Odinga to negotiate with Gbagbo on his resignation.

U.S. is continuously watching Ivory Coast’s situations and also safeguarding its officials staying in Abidjan. Crowley further added that US is trying to convey message to Gbagbo to give up power and leave for a safe heaven.

Despite receiving offers from many countries Gbagbo is not ready to surrender however sources said that he was interested in going to the US. Though Ivorian president has not received any phone call and refused meeting US envoy.