US President stresses on long term energy policy

US President stresses on long term energy policy

Barack Obama expressed that the US military actions in Libya, Middle East political crisis and the looming nuclear disaster in Japan has put a toll over the psychology of people of the United States.

The already slackening American economy has received severe jerks from these phenomena, Obama stated. He said that the American economy heavily depended upon oil and the Middle East fiasco led to huge rise in prices.

The current crisis that has originated from political instability in the Middle East and Japanese earthquake and tsunami has once again made it evident that the United States has yet not been able to find some alternative means to safeguard their economy from global crises.

There has been no alternative energy program envisaged by the US government so far. The US president called for reviving an strategy to install alternative energy programs in the United States to save the nation from oil fluctuations. Obama stated while addressing people at Georgetown University in Washington that at the time when he joined as US president, America consumed 11 million barrels per day, however, the consumption has decreased almost by 30 percent till now.

Obama stressed on promoting alternative energy sources like natural gas, electric vehicles, biofuels, wind and solar power as well as vehicles and tools that are more fuel-efficient. He reiterated emphasis on developing nuclear power as an alternative to crude oil despite the Japanese nuclear crisis that toppled the entire world’s race for harnessing nuclear energy.

Adding that nuclear energy constitutes almost 20 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States, he stated that it was much safer in terms of keeping a clean environment with no carbon emissions.