US puzzled over all-party conference in Pak

An all-party conference in Pakistan has puzzled the United States. Pakistani Prime Minister as well as former prime minister Nawaz Sharif too participated in the same conference for the first time. Not only political [parties but also religious groups and societies as well as army chief General Kayani enthusiastically attended the meeting

Prime Minister Gilani stated that no country could put any pressure on Pakistan to do anything. He further added that national interests should be safeguarded. Gilani reiterated the oath to defend Pakistan’s geographical boundaries freedom, and national sovereignty.

Gilani also showed his confidence in the Pak army and its solidarity.

Many diplomats showed their concerns over US strategy toward Pakistan. Imran Khan, former cricketer and leader said that the United States is determined to declare Pakistani intelligence agency ISI as a terrorist outfit. He said this would create more problems for Pakistan.

The statements by US Navy Admiral about Haqqani network being an assisting hand to  ISI has put Pakistani leaders in tension.

Pakistani leaders also fear that the United States might opt for military actions against Pakistan, which has been its long-term ally.