US says bereaved Libyan president ‘missed’ to opt for democracy

President Barack Obama expressed his regret over Libyan autocratic leader Mummar Gaddafi’s reluctance to accept rebellions’ demand for democracy, which ultimately resulted in his ouster and death. The US president considers the story of Libyan revolution as a lesson to all dictators across the globe.

President Obama stated this while talking to Jay Leno in “Tonight Show” on NBC channel. He added that Gaddafi had terrorized his nation for 42 years with his ruthless suppression and supported terrorism too.

Obama said that “the Arab Spring” or surge of revolution among Libyans to get democracy provided a good chance to Gaddafi to accept a peaceful transition of power, but he missed it.

Gaddafi was captured and killed by the supporters of National Transition Council [TNC] of Libyan rebels and later on buries in a secret place on Tuesday.

There are many diplomats and human right activists raising questions over the ways he was mocked, beaten, abused before being killed, yet Obama stressed on the fact that the former dictator had to end up like this as people of Libya wanted freedom which he had denied.

At present, the US president is busy in campaigning for 2012 presidential polls for re-election. He attended the show in his busy schedules in western states—California, Nevada and Colorado.

Obama also mentioned that he was too busy to watch his political rivals’ debates when asked by the show host.