US to follow new strategy for establishing peace in Middle East

Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State stated that the United States is formulating new strategy to promote Arab-Israeli peace and also to resolve conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Clinton revealed that President Barack Obama is to lay out new U.S. policy to tackle with the Middle East issues as well as North Africa in order to establish peace in these regions. The US president initiated a direct dialogue over Israel-Palestine peace however America is pressurized now with the possibilities that Palestinians might seek help from the United Nations to form a Palestinian state.

Mrs. Clinton further stated that the president would talk over US policy toward Middle East and North Africa coming week. She explained that the US interests are same toward human values and commitments to establish harmony and peace in the world as they have been and it pledges to resolve conflicts and remove terrorism from the entire world. She reiterates US aim to resolve Middle East issues and says that the nation is eager to reinitiate the peace process.

The US secretary of state discussed the problems of mass revolutions in Middle East and other parts of the world that are fighting against authoritarian rulers. She attributed the unrests in Arab World as impacts of the same in Tunisia and Egypt, inspiring Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Syria to follow the same path.