Yemen police use force as students protest

It is estimated that at least ten students were in Yemen when the police use excessive force against students who were protesting in campus. The protesting students were of Al-Hodayda campus which is located at the Hodayda province near the Red Sea. The police opened fire on the protesting students.

According to an eye witness the police entered the campus and started shooting indiscriminately against the students wounding at least ten of the students in the process. Sources from the hospitals where the students were rushed disclosed that the conditions of the students were in critical.

The cause of the unrest by the students is there demand for the closure of the school indefinitely until there is a regime change in the country. This is part of the widespread unrest that is going on the country for months now. Tension has been high in the country since the organized protest against the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Few days ago the opposition gave two days ultimatum to the president to step down from power. The opposition vowed to move to the government house and other government buildings if the president failed to step down in two days. The police are prepared to deal with protesters with ruthless force.