Deficit Panel Senators Named

The two parties in US senate have started naming the senators that would serve as members to the bipartisan committee to be inaugurated to tackle the issue American deficits. The first of such candidate to be named is Senator Patty Murray who is representing the state of Washington in the senate. He was named by the Democrat senate leader Harry Reid to co chair the committee.

It is expected that the Republican Party would name the other co chair of the committee as well as other members that would serve in the committee. The other senators in Democrat party who are named to serve in the committee include senators Max Baucus, who is the chairman of senate committee on Finance as well as senator John Kerry of the state of Massachusetts. The Republican was expected to name their own candidates to make up the 12 panel members.

The committee is to resolve the differences between the parties on the issue of deficit. They would look into the downgrading of US debts from AAA to AAA+. This is the first time the US debt is to be downgraded in history. The reasons for the downgrade was attributed to the political differences between the parties which made it difficult to monster the political will to address the debt issue in the country.