Microsoft Surface

Microsoft unveils Surface tablets powered by Windows 8 operating system. Yesterday we posted about the possible lauch of Microsoft tablet. Here are some pictures from the official surface website.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Pics

Surface Tablet Windows 8
The first thing you will notice is the Touch Cover of surface tablet which acts as keyboard and trackpad. This keyboard which comes in different colors is just 0.12inch (3mm) thick.
Microsoft Surface Tablet
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Many of those who own iPad buy expensive cover to protect their favorite gadget from getting scratches. Microsoft found an opportunity here to add a built-in protective cover which will also work as keypad and track-pad. Business customers who are serious about working on tablet would love this feature.

Microsoft Surface Video

The official videos is posted on Youtube. You can watch the surface tablet video by clciking on the play button below.

The gadget have built-in kickstands with which you can easily place the tablet upright. The display screen measures 10.6 inch (26.9cm) and the surface tablet comes in magnesium cases.

Surface Models
According to the official website surface tablet will be available in two variations.

The Pro version will have Windows 8 Pro operating system equipped with 42-w-h power.
Memory: Select between 64 GB and 128 GB
Dimensions: 10.6″ display, 13.5mm Thick and weight 903 g
Connectivity Options: microSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort Video, 2×2 MIMO antennae
Key Hardware Features: Touch Cover, Type Cover, Pen with Palm Block

The light version has similar features except that it is powered with Windows RT operating system and weighs less.
Memory: Select between 32 GB and 64 GB
Display: 10.6” HD, Thickness: 9.3 mm, Weight: 676 g
Battery: 31.5 W-h
Connection Options: microSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2×2 MIMO antennae
Other Features: Office Home & Student 2013 RT, Touch Cover, Type Cover

Android Tablets achieves 20 Percent share in market

In the global market of omputer industry Android media tablets have paved their way to speedy growth by attaining greater market share. In comparison to its competitor ipad, Android tablets are soon going to give tough competition to leading brand of Apple too.

Android-based media tablets and other products have swept 2o prcent of market share from the rival ipad in last one year, according to a recent research study on media tablets and their market status by ABI Research.

Though the results of this study are yet to be verified by technology market experts, the news has already stirred the tech industry. If this proves true, Android will definitely break Apple’s dominance and monopoly in the market.

However,Google’s Android  Operating System is yet to cross many obstacles and its fragmentation is a problematic issue. No app developer would be interested in developing Android app if they do not find ample profit potential in making Android media tablets.

However, Android is not the sole competitor for Apple, and many small names in the market have come up with cheaper options. Smaller options like that of HTC Flyer, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc., are better for those people who do not want 9-7 inches large ipads. Lesser prices also attract a good number of consumers. , HP has come up with $399 touchpad and Iconioa Tab A100 is just $329.

Japanese govt. plans for Tepco

There is uncertainties surrounding the plan by the Japanese government led by Prime Minister Naoto Kan to rescue the Tokyo Electric Power Company (9501.TO). the Japanese government after a cabinet meeting approved a plan to rescue the company but the plan seems to be generating interesting controversies within the ruling party. The ruling party appeared divided over the issue and many of them would want the company to be penalized.

The party is also worried over the costs of rescuing the company and wondered who would pay for such massive cost.

Another decision reached by the government was funding of the worst nuclear disaster that was ever witnessed by the country since the history of its existence. The cost is said to be about Y2.5trillion. Japan had its worst nuclear disaster recently there was an outcry in the world over the safety of the world in view of the nuclear plants that are established in many parts of the world. Similar disaster occurred in the old USSR.

The disagreement within the government of japan is a show of disapproval over the incompetence of the electricity company. They blamed the company for the problem that has befallen the power sector of the country and most of them wanted the company to be punished heavily.

Breakdown of play station network anonymous denies involvements

Anonymous group has denied that it has anything to do with the breakdown of PlayStation Network. Despite the repeated pledge by Sony that the PlayStation will be back to the game lovers, the online gaming console is still offline causing untold hardships to people who depended on the system for their living.

But it seems that Sony is concerned with finding out what actually went wrong and which hackers are responsible for the collapse of the online gaming system. So far the culprits have not being identified.

Sony has disclosed in the earlier part of the week that well over 24 million of its user’s accounts have been tampered with. This is in addition to the initial 77 million accounts that were hacked.

However Sony has evidence that linked the Anonymous hacker group as being responsible for the problems the PSN has been having for few weeks now. From the look of events it appears that the attack on the PSN was carried out by a highly organized criminal group. It was disclosed that a file placed on one of the PSN servers had an inscription that “we are legion” according to Sony.

Sony was prompt in accusing the Anonymous group for being responsible, but anonymous has come out to deny any involvement. They said that they never believed in the massive fraught of societal laws. But there may be other angle to the story. It is possible that those who want to use the name of Anonymous group may be doing so to confuse the investigators to back out of the investigation.

Apple, Google to facilitate clients with better gadgets

Apple and Google are currently making efforts for their clients to gain access on different gadgets.

The two corporations introduced competitor services to enable issuers produce conditions and premiums for allocated contents in apps so long Apple can gain a piece of the cake in profits made.

Apple’s access billing package, said on Tuesday, the issuers and editors of magazines and other print and video media could set their own provisions and charges for selected stuffs from the App store. This different packages promises user’s opportunity of usage to plans paid for on iTunes, whatever the gadget used.

Google released its one permit package plan the following day, increasing content users’ access over a wide variety of these Pc gadgets and phones. A 10% part profit is contemplated from these issuers.

A Part of the publishers or issuers have shown their negative reactions to this deep and high price package prices but others have accepted the deal saying the only negative reactions from customers is that they want a direct iPad access.

Apple representative Trudy Muller refused to say something as to if there would be any flexibility afforded with respect to gain sharing. “Our idiosyncrazy is simple,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. “When Apple expects to presentnew client to the app, Apple makes a 30% gain. When the issuer brings an old client then Apple has nothing but the issuer owns 100%.

Apple’s new subscription policy opposed

Apples’ new subscription scheme demands that now all content providers must pay hefty cuts to the company. Content providers for Apple’s iPhone and iPad have strongly opposed the company’s move to charge them 30 percent of the revenues earned.

The move would mean that whenever a customer subscribes to music, movie, newspaper or an ebook publisher via iPhone or iPad that particular publisher which gains the customer has to pay 30 percent of what it will earn from the customer. The move is seen as an untenable one by subscription providers.

Rhapsody, a music service provider is the first one to call foul. The music service that can be accessed from Apple’s iPhones and i Pads prefers the old system of charging 2.5 credit card fees preferable to a monthly charge of 30 percent of revenue earnings. They are planning business as well as legal action against Apple’s decision.

Though Steve Jobs clearly states that they want 30 percent cut only when Apple brings a customer to the subscription and that Apple does not want anything in the case where the publishers of the content subscription bring in a customer. Yet 30 percent is perceived as very high in comparison to others, such as Wal Mart that charges only four percent. The margin is razor thin in digital content and the content providers have objected to Apple’s move.

Verizon sets record in sales, stops taking orders

The iPhone 4 of Verizon has set new milestones of record sales last night-. The overwhelming response to the product is the most successful first day sale in company’s history so far. The counting was continued while morning press release was published and it did not mention the actual number of iPhone sales.

At the launch of iPhone 4 in June, Apple had announced that the company took 600,000 orders for the device on the first day.

The latest launch by Verizon before iPhone was Motorola Droid for which the company sold 250,000 units in the first week. It is a Android-based smartphone.

However, iPhone’s pre-orders are predicted to have reached in millions on the very first day. From Feb 10 both Apple and Verizon will start selling iPhones of Verizon flavor. You can opt for an online purchase for a quicker access as it will start on Feb 9 from 3:01 am.

The new price of  the 16-gigabyte model is $199.99  whereas for 32 GB model it is only $299.99 for the 32 GB model. However for those who have been the customers of Verizon for last 20 months can purchase the same models on a discounted price. There is no mention of such change in policies on the company website so far and this is creating lot of confusions among the customers.

US administration toughens rules for coal mining

US environmental agency repealed permit granted to the largest surface mine, that producing 10 percent of the total coal for US.

Spruce No. 1 coal mine, which is owned by Mingo Logan Coal West Virginia. The 2300 acre- mine has been in disputes since 1998.

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA’s new decision to revoke grant from coal mine is likely to hamper many other projects too as they come under  ‘mountaintop removal’ a concept, unacceptable under agency’s new law.

The US administration had granted permit to coal mining projects during Clinton and Bush era, however the new guidelines have been implemented in April and therefore all previous permits are under revision.

Peter S. Silva, an official from the EPA stated that Spruce No. 1 coal mine, has been engaged in destructive mining practices that had affected the health of communities living nearby in Appalachian mountain region.

Spruce No. 1 coal mine has a capacity of employing250 workers and it could produce 44 million tons of coal in next 15 years had it’s permit not been taken. But theSection 404 of the Clean Water Act – implemented by the EPA has put a barrier on it. Experts call it a hard decision of the Obama administration that is likely to hamper future investment in mining.

Internet giant Yahoo mulls cutting 600 to 700 jobs

Carol Bartz, Yahoo CEO

San Francisco : Yahoo Inc, the struggling web portal, will cut 600 to 700 jobs in the latest shake-up amidst company’s unsatisfactory growth results.

Yahoo! has not made any formal announcement regarding the layoffs, but a source familiar to the company’s policies has revealed that the employees could be notified about the decision within couple of days.

If Yahoo! cuts jobs then it will be 5 percent of its total work force which stands on 14,100 employees. At the same time, it will be Yahoo’s fourth biggest jobs cut since 2007. It should be noted that the last two layoffs took place under Yahoo’s current CEO Carol Bartz, a Silicon Valley veteran.

Bartz was hired two years back despite having no background of internet and advertising, which happens to be Yahoo’s main source of revenue generation.  The planned job cuts are going to be implemented in the company’s US products group, which has been under revamping process since the arrival of Blake Irving, ex-Microsoft executive, to run the business last yearHowever, the decision may not be a shocker for many since the report on layoffs was published last month on some technology blogs.

The company’s fragile growth rate, sluggish stock prices, and internal organizational turmoil have raised a question over the company’s current CEO’s capability to manage the functions. Rumors are going around that Bartz might be forced to leave the organization even before her term expires as a CEO in January 2013.

Fedex Will Cut 1700 Jobs

Fedex FreightOn Thursday FedEx announced that it would cut 1,700 jobs in its United States freight business despite earning $380 million in the first quarter. According to the company the move is to offset losses in US freight business unit. Earlier FedEx announced that their first-quarter net income doubled as a result of strong international shipping.

FedEx profit mainly came from the international air shipments which has grown approximately 25 percent in the last quarter. However the US freight business unit has been unprofitable for four straight quarters and made a loss of $16 million.

The 1,700 job cuts represent 5% of total freight business employees. FedEx says the move to cut 1,700 jobs, along with other cost reduction plans, will ensure the freight business to be profitable next year.