Alfred Hitchcock’s movie rediscovered in New Zealand

A A movie of  Alfred Hitchcock of 1920’s has been found in New Zealand, revealed some archivists. The movie provides important facts about Hitchcock’s working style in the beginning of his career.

Alfred Hitchcock“The White Shadow” which has been discovered recently is a unique piece showing Hitchcock’s talent as a writer, assistant director, art director and editor and that too at the age of 24. The picture was released in 1924.

“The White Shadow” was one the earliest movies of Hitchcock in which his work was considerably  acknowledged, stated sources from the National Film Preservation Foundation of the United States.

However, only three of 6 reels of “The White Shadow” have been found intact. The movie is full of suspense that was common in Hitchcock’s mysterious stories. Survival of these three reels is also a matter of surprise.

Randy Haberkamp, director of educational programs for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expressed hopes for finding rest of the reels too.


These three reels of “The White Shadow,” which have been found in New Zealand were donated to  w New Zealand Film Archive. The movie was directed by British filmmaker Graham Cutts. It was in the ownership pf Jack Murtagh, a movie projectionist and collector who later on donated it to New Zealand authorities.

Haberkamp revealed that the film was lying in the archives unknowingly  for 23 years as it was mislabeled.

Facebook Chief Joins Richest Americans Group for Charity

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO, Facebook

Another milestone in the history of philanthropy has been created in the united States. Social network Facebook chief join hands with 16 other richest people of America to devote money for charity issues.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, junk bond pioneer Michael Milken and AOL co-founder Steve Case together have joined philanthropic community promising to give away their wealth for social welfare.  Zuckerberg has already devoted $100 million to Newark NJ school education system. Giving Pledge is a charity organization founded by Microsoft  founder Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Facebook CEO has joined Giving Pledge with other rich people of America and commit to step up his donations toward charity.

The group has already 57 members devoting their wealth for humanity. The members include celebrities like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, CNN founder Ted Turner and film director George Lucas. But Zuckerberg and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowitz, who is just 26 years old.

Today, younger generation is thriving on success so they should initiate work for charity in their youth, he social network chief stated. Though Giving Pledge do not have a criteria about how much money should be devoted for philanthropic causes, most of the members have committed to spend half of their wealth.

By joining the world of philanthropy at this age, Facebook chief has set a milestone for upcoming young entrepreneurs to give it a thought right now.

Lindsay Lohan Reports to Jail

Actress Lindsay LohanHollywood actress Lindsay Lohan reported to jail.
On Tuesday, July 20 Lindsay Lohan behagn serving the jail term for the second time in her 24 years. Her time behind the bars for probation violation that underlined the starlet’s inability to put a 2007 drug case may be reduced from 90 days to 14 days.
Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan, and his attorney Lisa Bloom says that the move to reduce the jail term is due to overcrowding in Los Angeles prisons and not because the actress is getting any special celebrity treatment.

Anna Chapman Russian Spy

Sexy Russian SpyAnna Chapman, the alleged Russian spy was arrested by FBI in June 2010. The hot Anna Chapman otherwise known as the “Lady in Red”, was accused of being a Russian Spy. Latest reports indicates that Anna Chapman lived in the UK for four years from 2003. Her previous employer in UK confirmed this.

The suspected Russian Spy Anna Chapman was 28 at the time of her arrest, held a Masters degree. She was running her own online real-estate business. Anna Chapman’s facebook page which displayed several of her glamorous and sexy photos is taken down by facebook. But many online news sites have grabbed those sexy photos of Anna Chapman and posted on their websites.

Anna Chapman Video : Suspected Russian Spy on Video

Is Anna really a spy? Do you really think nations like Russia, United States, UK, France and German still use spies to collect secret information?

Chelsea Clinton Wedding

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is getting married to her longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky on July 31, 2010.

Chelsea Clinton
Photo: Chelsea Clinton with her boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky

Many have speculated that Chelsea Clinton’s wedding ceremony will take place at Martha’s Vineyard. But according to new reports from New York Mag, the nuptials will reportedly be held July 31 somewhere in New York. Apparently the wedding location of Chelsea Clinton will only be revealed to the 400 lucky guests a week before the wedding.

“The wedding planner will contact each guest directly a week in advance and let them know where it is,” says the fund-raiser.

There is also rumor that Chelsea Clinton will be wearing a gown designed by Oscar de la Renta on her wedding.

Vanessa Carlton BiSexual

Vanessa CarltonNashville Pride: The American singer Vanessa Carlton said she is bisexual. On Saturday in front of a crowd of more than 18000 fans Vanessa Carlton admitted that she likes women. So does that make Vanessa Carlton a lesbian? We guess so. But Vanessa says she is not a lesbian, but a proud bisexual. “I have never said this before, but I am a proud bisexual woman,” Vanessa Carlton said.

The American artist Vanessa Carlton is a singer-songwriter and pianist. Vanessa is best known for the single “A Thousand Miles” from her debut album, Be Not Nobody released in April 2002.