Heats intensifies in Southern and Central and Southern USA

Heat intense in some states in central and Southern USA is on the increase. The worst of the increase is recorded in Dallas and Oklahoma where the heat is reported to have increased to 100 degree in the last one week. The situation could worsen as experts have warned that the situation could deteriorate in the days to come.

Most people could not control the heat by taking dip. Bad economy has caused some of the swimming pools in the states to short town because of the cut in budget. The intense heat situation has made heat advisories to issue warning of impending heat increase in the country. In areas like Hutchinson, the intensity of the heat has reached 103 by Monday after it hit 112 on the previous day. The situation in Joplin is like the other parts of the country where the intensity of the heat has reached 99 after reaching the figure of 103 the previous day. This is the first time the states have recorded such high incidence of heat since 1936.

The situation in Dallas is worrisome because the intensity of the heat has not abetted for the past 10 days. The worst is that there is little or no hope of rain coming down to cool the temperature.