Obama fails to convince US people on economic recovery

A recent study shows that Americans are yet not satisfied with Obama’s rate of creating jobs in the country. With only 48% job creation so far, the US President has failed to convince people that the US economy is on the path of recovery.

Bill Plante, a journalist stated that Americans did not believe in the story of economic recover and a major part of the US population did not believe on the statistical figures about end of recession.

Around  37 percent Americans regarded the study has been based on real assessment and believed in what it said regarding economic improvements during Obama’s presidency.

However, the projections made by President Obama about fiscal deficit in 2012 did not convince all as it has been based on the assumption that the US economy would continue to grow.

However, the research showed that more than 59 percent US people, who earn less than $50 thousand annually, regarded the tax hikes completely unnecessary on the basis of predictions of budget deficit.

People with higher income—i.e. more than $100,000 per year admitted that it would be necessary for the government to raise taxes to help the country to bail out.

Overall, most of the people of the United States feel uncomfortable over reduction in funding public welfare programs and more than 40 percent said it was not necessary.