Alfred Hitchcock’s movie rediscovered in New Zealand

A A movie of  Alfred Hitchcock of 1920’s has been found in New Zealand, revealed some archivists. The movie provides important facts about Hitchcock’s working style in the beginning of his career.

Alfred Hitchcock“The White Shadow” which has been discovered recently is a unique piece showing Hitchcock’s talent as a writer, assistant director, art director and editor and that too at the age of 24. The picture was released in 1924.

“The White Shadow” was one the earliest movies of Hitchcock in which his work was considerably  acknowledged, stated sources from the National Film Preservation Foundation of the United States.

However, only three of 6 reels of “The White Shadow” have been found intact. The movie is full of suspense that was common in Hitchcock’s mysterious stories. Survival of these three reels is also a matter of surprise.

Randy Haberkamp, director of educational programs for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expressed hopes for finding rest of the reels too.


These three reels of “The White Shadow,” which have been found in New Zealand were donated to  w New Zealand Film Archive. The movie was directed by British filmmaker Graham Cutts. It was in the ownership pf Jack Murtagh, a movie projectionist and collector who later on donated it to New Zealand authorities.

Haberkamp revealed that the film was lying in the archives unknowingly  for 23 years as it was mislabeled.