Gimsvotn Volcano set to erupt Iceland

The worst and the most active volcano ever to hit the country of Iceland have started last Saturday according to report. Volcano Gimsvotn started erupting on Saturday.

The evidence of the eruptions could be seen from the southern parts of Iceland where the residents of the south could see the smokes that were coming out from many places in the country. This was confirmed by the Iceland television channel RUV. The threat of the volcanic eruption was also confirmed by the meteorological office of Iceland.

It confirmed that the eruption has started from Gimsvotn. It said that it was expected that the eruption would start from that area an indication that the authorities are aware that the volcano will erupt from that site.

However the earlier estimation from the scientist in that country is that the eruption is going to be small and that the eruption would not stimulate eruptions in other parts of Europe. However it appears that the intensity of the volcano will beat the imagination of the scientists as it may turn out not to be small after all.

Gimsvotn is the most active volcano in the Iceland. It has erupted several times in the past but the major eruptions were recorded in the year 1922, 1933, 1934, 1938, 1945, 1983, 1998, and the 2004 eruptions.