Alabama governor signs immigration law

The Republican governor of Alabama has signed the new tough immigration bill into law. The governor signed the law on Thursday. The law required the police to check anyone it arrested even for another reason whom they may have a reason to believe that he is in the country illegally.

The bill is expected to be enforced from the month of September this year. With the signing of the illegal immigration the state of Alabama has joined the leagues of other states in the country that have signed the bill.

Already the bill has attracted criticisms from civil right group and the government of Mexico. The Alabama house of assembly was dominated by the Republican party members. Parties apart immigration issue is one of the contentious issues in American domestic policy.

The bill outlaws the transportation and accomodation of an illegal immigrant in the state. The state is to adopt other strigent measures such as checking the status of students; also business that employs an illegal immigrant knowingly will be punished.

Alabama republicans said that the bill will reduce illegal immigration in the state saying that it will afford equal opportunities for every resident of the state. Opponents of the bill said that it will have negative consequences adding that young people are targetted most.