Bosch India Opens More Service Centers

German power tools manufacturer Bosch is expanding it’s operation. The Bosch Power Tools which started in India in 1993 has more than 200 employees. The company is planning to start 100 service centers across the nation to cater the rising demand for power tools. The firm currently operates 25 sales office across India and has a market share of 35% in the nation.
Recently Bosch moved it’s major production center from Bangalore to Oragadam near the outskirts of Chennai, Tamilnadu. According to the Deccan Herald newspaper, company’s regional sales director Mr.Panish told the media that they will open 100 new service centers in addition to the 300 existing centers.

Bosch mainly supplies power tools to construction and metalworking industry followed by woodworking. The company owns massive distribution centers in Chennai and Pune. Visit the Bosch India website to know more about companies operation in the sub-continent.