Britain reduces troops from Afghanistan

The prime minister of Britain Mr. David has told parliament that the number of British soldiers serving in Afghanistan would be reduced. The number of soldiers who leave the operations in Afghanistan is about 500 soldiers. What that means is that at the end of next year large number of British soldiers would leave operations in Afghanistan.

There are implications to the security situation in Afghanistan when British soldiers eventually depart the country. British soldiers are involved in maintaining internal securities in the country. There is enormous work that needs to be done to instill discipline among the afghani soldiers. They are yet to imbibe the true spirit of professionalism in their services which the British forces in the country are known for.

The prime minister hinges the decision of his government on the ground that things are better in Afghanistan. He said the level of security threat posed to Britain by instability in Afghanistan/Pakistan is now reduced. He said that the number of soldiers and police forces trained for the afghani people will improve by October this year. The prime minister said that the death of Osama Bin Laden had not helped the course of Taliban in Afghanistan.

It would be recalled that President Obama had announced the withdrawal of some American soldiers from Afghanistan. There is concern in some quarters about the level of professionalism of Afghani soldiers.