Chinese Government against US Meeting Dalai Lama

Chinese ministry of foreign affairs has warned US officials from visiting the exiled leader Dalai Lama advising that the US should approach the issues related to Tibet appropriately. Chinese government is opposed to the Dalai Lama on the account that he was using force to create the state of Tibet.

The Nobel Prize Award winning religious leader had denied the accusation from Chinese government maintaining that he was only interested in securing autonomy for the remote region.

The religious leader is visiting the United States of America and he is billed to address the public on Saturday on US. Already the government of the United States of America has said that the religious leader has met with US Undersecretary of State in charge of Democracy and Global Affairs Mario Otero. However the statement did not indicate whether the visiting religious leader will meet other higher officers of the administration.

The visiting religious leader has met with some key congressional leaders including House Speaker John Boehner as well as the former speaker and Democratic leader in the House Nancy Pelosi. Chinese Foreign Ministry has warned that the position of the Chinese government on the issue was clear. Chinese position was made known by the foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei.