California: Governor Endorses Law on Gay Teaching

The governor of California Jerry Brown a Democratic has appended his signature to a new law that made it mandatory for teachings related to gay, lesbians, trans gender, and bisexual Americans to be taught in public schools through out the state. The governor disclosed this development to the press.

With his signing the bill the state of California has become the first state in the whole country to enact such a law. According to the governor the aim of passing and signing the law is to allow public schools to provide information about people with disabilities and the roles they have played in the development of American society. It is the opinion of the governor that his has to be honest.

The signing of this law has put to an end the previous law which has no control over discriminations in education. He said that this law represented a very bold step in the development of state of California. He was full of praises for the law maker who initiated the bill in the state congress. He said that the law will open the opportunity for every citizen irrespective of social standing in the state maintaining that it will make it possible for the contribution to the development of the state to count.