China Assists Japan Following Friday Earthquake, Tsunami

China Assists Japan Following Friday Earthquake, Tsunami

China Assists Japan Following Friday Earthquake, Tsunami

Many Chinese nationals are stranded in Japan’s worst affected areas by Friday earthquake. China has taken initiative to evacuate its citizens from the quake areas.

China’s embassy in Japan revealed that they would evacuate Chinese nationals from the areas that might be affected by the damages in nuclear reactors and other surrounding areas.

However, the embassy clearly denied the chances of any radiation being emitted by the nuclear reactors due to damage of cooling system following the quake and tsunami. Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection is continuously supervising the developments at Fuushima Number One Plant, where the cooling system failed after Tsunami.

So far on Tuesday morning the Chinese nuclear safety agency has not detected any abnormal radiation from the reactors.

There was a fear that radiation might spread through winds over the Pacific Ocean and China May remain on the safer side, stated Chinese Meteorological Administration.

There was a slight increase in radiation level in Russia on Tuesday; however it stayed under normal levels, stated Russian authorities.

South Korea also stated that the radiations have remained under normal level so far; however it is taking precautionary measures by keeping vigil over incoming passengers at Incheon airport.

South Korean authorities added that according to the weather forecast, westerly and north-westerly winds were expected to blow to Japan very soon.

China has taken immediate initiative by sending rescuers and aid assistance to Japan after the devastating earthquake of magnitude 8.5 at Rictor scale and tsunami last Friday. President Hu Jintao  and Premier Wen Jiabao expressed deep concerns and sympathy  to Japan despite unfriendly relations with Beijing.