Chinese Exports increased in June 2011

Chinese custom agency has released report on the performance of the country’s import and export trade. The highlight of the report indicated growth on both aspects of Chinese trade. The report indicated that the level of exports in the country grew by about 17.9 percent in June. This is also an improvement from what used to be the rate of export in the previous year.

The report also indicated the volume of imports in the country has increased to 17.9. The custom report further indicated that the country has a trade surplus of $22.3 billion within the period under review. This figure is more than trade surplus of $13.1 that was recorded in May.

The meridian economic forecast for the country was put at 18.7 it was further forecast that the level of imports for the country will grow by 25.0 percent. This will lead to a trade surplus of $16.3 billion. According to the data that was released by the custom agency the highest level of export that is attained in the country is February where the volume of export was 35.8 the least that was recorded in the year was January where 2.4 was the level of export.