Malaysian police Release Children in kindergarten

Police in Malaysia has freed over 30 children kindergarten children who were held hostage by a man in southern state Johor. The man who was holding the children and four of their children hostage was shot by police after an operation that lasted for about six hours. At the end of the operation the police was able to release all the children and their teachers unharmed.

The man was rushed to a nearby hospital in the city after sustaining injury on his head following police shooting. This was revealed to the press by Rahman Jalaluddin Abdul. He is a senior police officer in Southern Johor state. According to this police officer all the 30 children were in the age range of 3 to 5 years.

However the officer could not disclosed the identity of the man who committed the offence saying that he did not have the permission to speak to the press on the matter. He disclosed however that the man entered the school compound with a machete and hammer on both hands. The children and their teachers had to take refugee in two storey building.

All attempts for the man to release the children without any incident proved abortive according to the police because the man has insisted that the police had to issue him gun before he departs all he will have to kill all the children.