Devastating tornado takes 77 lives in Southern US

The United States faces vicious cycles of devastation once again, this time due to ravaging tornadoes killing around 77 people in the Southern part Wednesday.

Alabama lost 61 people in powerful storms while 16 people were killed in neighboring Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee. In Alabama, 15 people were found dead in the Tuscaloosa alone due to decimated infrastructure. Eleven people lost their lives in Jefferson County near Birmingham.

The University of Alabama was severely damaged due to collapse of many buildings and 100 people were injured and hospitalized for emergency treatment.

According to the city mayor Maddox, the Tuscaloosa experienced more devastating impact of tornadoes due to its dense population and infrastructure.

President Obama had a talk with. Robert Bentley, governor of Alabama and approved emergency federal assistance for the state. He also sent search teams and rescue assets immediately to the places damaged severely. The Wednesday storm was initiated due to terrific weather conditions near Southern region and East Coast. More storms are being predicted even today.

Tornadoes have moved eastward now from Texas to Georgia and the experts fear more thunderstorms very soon.

Following the deadly tornadoes in this week there have been a continuum of storms killing 10 people in Mississippi and Arkansas.