Egypt faults foreign elements for New Year bomb blasts

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak claims involvement of foreigners in the blast that killed 21 people. The statement has ignited criticism from all over the Middle East.

The attack on Coptic Church on New Year in Alexandria caused a dispute between riot police and agitated Christians in Egypt. The bomb was kept in a car that exploded at the Saints Church last night when a huge gathering of Christians were celebrating New Year leaving around 79 people injured. People threw stones on police when cops tried to control the agitated crowd at the Church.

Police has surrounded the area and scattered the crowd by using tear gas. Priest of the Church tried to calm down people and requested them to stay in the church.

This was the worst attack on Christians in Egypt since 2006. There have been similar attacks recently in Iraq too.

Egyptian health ministry also confirmed that all victims of the Saturday bomb blast—both dead and injured—were Christians. No terrorist group has claimed for the attack so far, however, the way the attack had been staged to kill maximum people suggests a hand of Al Qaeda behind it.

Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President suspected foreign militants’ role in the attack. He further stated that the attack was an indication of entire Egypt being targeted by some group, while giving condolence to people.