Football Association Calls for Delay in FIFA Elections

Football associations have called on FIFA to shift its election which was scheduled to hold on June 1. With the suspension of the other contenders in the office of the FIFA president as a result of corruption charge; the current president of the association Mr. Sepp Blatter is the sole contender for the post of the president. The other candidate for the election Mohammed Bin Hammam withdrew from the race. The FA had decided to abstain from voting as a result of the corruptions charges that was leveled against FIFA.

The FA has now called on FIFA to postpone the election and wanted an outside body to improve on the governance system of FIFA. The chairman of FA David Bernstein said that the association is basing its decisions on two grounds: the allegation of corruption that is leveled against FIFA EXCO members makes it difficult to support any of the members for the election. The second reason according to him is that the lack of accountability and transparency make governance in the body unsatisfactory.

He therefore called on the postponement of the election to give time for reform minded candidates to emerge for elections. He also called for the appointment of an independent body to recommend on best way to bring about improved governance. He called on the national associations to support the stand of the FA on this issue.