War criminal Mladic appeals against extradition

Post Second World War most wanted war criminal in Europe Ratko Mladic has appealed against the judgment by court in the country that he could be extradited to the court in Hague to answer questions about crimes against humanity that was leveled against him. The notice of appeal was received in the appeal court in Belgrade, Serbia.

It was expected that the extradition could commence as early as Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. With the appeal by Mladic it is doubtful whether the extradition could be carried out as planned. It appears everything would now depend on the time the court finished hearing the appeal. It is expected that the appellate court in Belgrade would speed up the process. The lawyers standing for the former fugitive had written to the authorities explaining that the former army general is not mentally fit to stand trial in The Hague.

He has been in the wanted list for sixteen years. For the first time the former army general was allowed by the authorities to visit the grave of his daughter who killed herself during the war in Bosnia. He visited the grave side amidst tight security. The visit was not announced because the authorities saw it as a private affair.