Gadhafi Soldiers accused of raping Libyan girl in Misrata

Soldiers’ royal to Libyan leader Moamar Gadhafi were reported to have raped Misrata girls. This was revealed by two of the soldiers who were detained in the city. The two soldiers confirmed they were involved in the rape.

They confessed that they participated in the rape of four women in Misrata. The two soldiers were captured by the rebels in a battle with the Gadhafi forces two weeks ago. The soldiers confirmed that at least twenty officers of the army raped group of girls.

Getting the interview from the soldiers was not easy as the officials in the city were reluctant in allowing press men interview the soldiers over the rape issue but they later agreed after they reached agreement that the identity of the soldiers would not be revealed.

It appears that the reported rape that was carried out by pro Gadhafi forces was systematic attempt by the soldiers to humiliate the people of Misrata. However it could not be confirmed whether the soldiers were coerced into saying what they said. It is possible that they may not be saying the truth. There was widespread allegation that soldier’s royal to Col Moamar Gadhafi committed heinous crimes against the people of Misrata and worst among the crimes that were committed include rapping of girls.