Hurricane Disaster New York Begins Environmental Clean Up

New York residents returned to work on Monday but the destruction that was left on the environment by Hurricane Irene made movement difficult for them. The town was standstill as there was no means of movement, train services was suspended because of bad rail lines.

The town was formless because the streets were blocked by trees, lives were becoming unbearable, and thousands of residents of the city were left without power supply.

The situation has become worrisome such that the Mayor of New York city Michael Bloomberg said that the authority is going to embark on environmental clean up. He lamented that over 38, 000 residents of the city were without power but was optimistic that the power situation would be normalized within few days.

However life is gradually returning to the city as subway services which were earlier closed had been restored. In the same way the normal bus services in the city is coming back gradually and it will be a matter of few days before everything comes back to normal in the city of New York. The mayor was addressing the press at the wake of the storm that had befallen the city.

Other parts of the country were also affected by the storm and they have their tales of woe to tell as well. That was the situation in places like New Jersey, Connecticut and some other parts of the country where movement was grounded as a result of the devastating hurricane. However normalcy is being gradually restored in those cities.