Democrats Plot against Perry for 2012 polls

The Democrats party is working for the downfall of its potential threats to the election Rick Perry who is the governor of Texas State. The Democrats are trying to play him down as a credible opponent in the election even as the governor has barely joined the race.

The target of attack against Governor Perry is on the economic front which he is using as a font as a credible alternative to President who is rated low on the economy. Perry has boasted that his government had created over forty percent of the jobs in the last years which the country had generated within the same period. This is going to be a critical issue in 2012 poll as the economy is going to be in the front burner.

The Democrat saw the economic campaign as being played by Perry as not having any affect in the election. The party had sent series of emails to media houses in the country where they release a bill which is detrimental to the course of Perry who is now a leading contender since he joined the race few weeks back.

The email said that Perry’s economic policy was against middle class families in the state just as they maintained that workers in the state are the most deprived as they are paid below the national minimum wage in the country. Even other indexes of life the mail maintained that the quality of life of people of Texas is among the worst in the country.