IAEA Commences meeting following Japanese nuclear Mishap

The international Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has commenced its meeting in Vienna on Monday; the meeting is regarded as the largest nuclear safety meeting ever to be convened. The meeting was intended to review the nuclear disaster in Japan and possible draw a lesson out of that. The nuclear disaster in Japan is the worst to happen to the world for the past 25 years.

The IAEA reported that the world was disturbed by the Japan disaster adding that the people’s confidence in the security of the nuclear system is shaken. The head of the energy agency Amano disclosed to journalists that despite the mishap in Japan many countries in the world would still rely on nuclear power for their energy sources. He acknowledged that there is the need to strengthen the standards for the establishment of the nuclear power plants.

The meeting is expected to last from Monday to Friday and member countries of IAEA will send ministers and other powerful delegates to review the Japan nuclear mishap and brainstorm on the way to avert similar development in the future.

Already there are proposals already put forward by experts on how best to stop similar incident from happening in the future. One of the suggestions to be reviewed includes the recommendation for the expansion of the role of IAEA in nuclear programs.