NATO admits killing Libyan rebels undeliberately

NATO had admitted that it had mistakenly hit rebel military vehicles at oil town of Brega, mistaken it to be vehicles belonging to the government of Col Moamar Gadhafi. Sunday morning government officials and people around the neighborhood had showed journalists a building which they said was destroyed by NATO air strikes.

At least three bodies were recovered from the rubbles they were later confirmed dead by hospital officials. One of the casualties includes an infant child.

This presentation by the government is credible and this is the first time in three months that the government is presenting a credible report that is linking NATO with civilian casualties.

The destroyed building from all accounts has nothing to do with military operations. Even the people in the neighborhood are critical of the government of Col Gadhafi yet they agreed that the attack was as a result of NATO strikes.

The house according to the neighbors accommodated about three or more families. The government claimed that 15 people were living in that building. However NATO could be reached to confirm the incidence.

However the number of rebel soldiers who have had an injury as a result of NATO attack was not made public, but NATO had regretted the incidence.