ICC warrants not to stop NATO strikes in Libya

The coast is becoming clearer for the arrest of Libyan leader Col Moamar Gadhafi with his possibility of being his name being added to the wanted least of the International Criminal Court.

There is the likelihood that the court could yield to the demand that warrant of arrests could be issued for him and some of his family members. If that is done it can change the role of NATO in the crisis. NATO has so far restricted its operations to the targeting of military installations inside Tripoli. If the warrant is issued then NATO may decide to target Gadhafi personally.

ICC prosecutor is seeking for warrant of arrest against Gadhafi his son and the chief of security intelligence in that country for what they he described as crime against humanity against the people of Libya committed by the three men. Issuing the attack will arm NATO with the authority they have been looking for to commence infrastuructural targets in that country.

The warrant when issued would definitely not make great impact among the citizens of Tripoli but it will change the face of the war especially as regards to NATO attacks because Gadhafi could become the direct targets. The warrant of arrests would further isolate Gadhafi from the rest of the world.