Israel not moved by difference with allies

Israel has decided to go in isolation despite differences with its longtime allies including Turkey, Egypt, and the United States.

The country which always relied on its allies for its very existence is now left alone, as all friend nations of Israel are tired. In Egypt, Israel’s embassy was attacked in Cairo, obliging the envoy to flee. Egypt had once signed a significant peace treaty with Israel in 1979. Turkey has threatened Israel to send warship to Mediterranean coast following trhe strained ties with the former.

A statement by Ex-Defense Secretary, Robert M. Gates’ revealed that Israely premier is an “ungrateful ally” due to whom the nation’s relations with international community have worsened.

Israel has recently been isolated due to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s odd policies and international pressure has made the citizens aloof and isolated, expressed the US diplomat.

Israelis are now not bothered about their segregation by the other nations as they are convinced that the country’s diplomats are trying best to secure national interests.

Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed that Israel would stay firm despite the growing turmoil in the Middle East and will not succumb to international pressure.

He emphasized on strengthening Israel to establish and secure peace in the region.