Libyan rebels rejoice over Gadhafi’s arrest warrant

Benghazi the second largest city in Libya was full of celebrations as the rebels fired on the air to express their joy over the indictment and warrant of arrest issued on embattled Libyan leader Col Moamar Gadhafi by the International Criminal Court.

ICC in The Hague had issued warrant of arrest on Col Moamar Gadhafi, his son as well as the leader of intelligent groups in Libya for the crimes against humanity that was reveled against them during the early days of the struggle to remove Gadhafi from power.


As the rebels are celebrating over the development, the government of Libya under Gadhafi reacted angrily to the warrant that was issued. The people opposed to Gadhafi took to the street to celebrate the development. The Libyan government dismissed the warrant saying the court that is based in The Hague has no power to arrest Gadhafi maintaining that the court has no legal status in Libya.


Those who are opposed to Gadhafi have welcomed the development saying that this will make many of the people who are still supporting him to abandon him. The International Criminal court sitting in Hague had on Monday indicted Col Moamar Gadhafi and his son Seif al- Islam as well as Abdullah al-Sanoussi the chief intelligent officer in Libya. The court ruled that the three should stand trial for crimes against humanity. The crimes listed for the three include killing and persecution of civilians. The Libyan government described the court as a tool of the west.