NATO admits carrying out air strikes in Libya

NATO has accepted that it carried out an air strike in Sorman in western part of Libya on Monday morning, it has earlier rejected the claim on that which was made earlier in the day by Libyan government under Col Moamar Gadhafi.

NATO claimed that the site it attacked was a military command and control center. It also said that it carried out another attack in capital Tripoli which may have caused the death of some people. Earlier today journalists were conducted round a place in a rural area which was located about 80 kilometers from the capital Tripoli which was targeted by NATO air attacks. The apartment which was destroyed was owned by a prominent member of Gadhafi government. The attack was said to have claimed the lives of about 15 people.

Countries and prominent individuals in Europe, US and other countries in the Arab world have criticized the indiscriminate bombing by NATO soldiers. NATO forces moved to Libya with the aim of protecting the civilian population which they have now turned against.

It is believed that the rebels with the support of NATO had failed to make significant push into vital areas which are still under the command of Gadhafi forces.