Obama Piles Pressure on Congress Over Debt Deal

president Barack Obama has mounted pressure to the Congress to pass the US multi trillion dollar debt deal. He said in a public statement that time is running for congress to pass the deal.

The president is carrying his campaign over the debt deal issue to the court of public opinions just negotiators are going with the processes that are expected to be concluded by August 2. The president is putting his hope on his aides whom he believed had the ability to convince congress to give approval for his requests. He is hoping that agreement will be reached before the deadline of August 2.


The president told the congress that time is passing, meanwhile the Republicans in the congress is planning to hold a vote this week on a legislation that that will peg spending to $2.4 trillion.

As things stand now the legislation would be defeated in the senate which is controlled by the Democrats. President Obama has also dismissed the planned voting by the House Republicans saying that they are not serious. He said that American people are interested in the issue of debt and budget. It appears that the debt issue has been polarized along party line.