Republicans to flay Obama on Israel policy in campaign

The last visit of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to US has opened another contentious issue in the American politics. The prime minister had disagreed with President Obama’s policy on 1967 border.

The prime minister was applauded as he addressed the congress on the state visit. Republicans have already started making issue over Obama’s 1967 border. Republican congressional leaders and presidential aspirants have agreed with Netanyahu that it is only land swap and not 1967 border that would bring lasting peace in the Middle East.

The Obama statement was a big political miscalculation because the American Jews always have more confidence in Democratic Party than the republicans. In the past the Jews have bank rolled the funding of the democratic candidates. The republicans wanted to cash in on this blunder to eliminate the millions of dollars that the Jews would have donated to aid the Obama 2012 rerun bid.

They are not expecting to use this to win the loyalty of the Jews. The republicans are doing calculations on how they will win the votes in the swing states.

It was the view of John Bolton that this mistake by Obama could make the Jews, pastors and evangelists who are very critical of Islam to support the republicans in 2012 elections.

It is apparent that the democrats are worried by Obama statement by the way they tried to over applaud the republicans during the speech by Netanyahu. Already some democratic leaders in the house have started distancing themselves from Obama over the issue.