Sony Corp admits hacking play station network

Sony Corporation, One of the largest producers of video-game players, has investigated its PlayStation Network hack and after 4 days of interruption, they admitted that external intruders are responsible for causing this inflection.

Sony said that they are still investigating to know whether consumer information retrieved after intruders attacked its PlayStation Network and Qriocity web services. Meanwhile they had closed the network willingly “in order to perform a complete investigation and to get full details of what occurred and what triggered the problem”.

The inflection, which occurred on April 21, is denying about 75 million users globally from using the network to play games and watch movies. According to Sony Corp. operations of Qriocity, that provides movies and music for web-connected devices of Sony, also affected due to halt in its services.

Patrick Seybold, Sony’s senior director of social media, said, “An external intrusion on our system has affected Qriocity services and our PlayStation Network. We are doing everything possible to settle this condition faster, and we once more thank you for your endurance.”

He has also published an online post expressing regret for the inflection, and confessing the rupture of safety.

Satoshi Fukuoka, a representative for Sony Japan, said, “Consumers will be able to play on site but they won’t be able to play against others”.

He further said, “Sony is reinforcing its network’s security to confirm the efficient and safe operation of its services and has no guess when it will resume the services”.