Syria opts to dialogue as the protests continue

Syrian government is set to dialogue with the opposition which is spearheading the ongoing protests in the country. This seems to be the only option that is left for the government after the Syrians continue their protests despite the deployment of troops and tanks. This is a conviction that the government is feeling the impact of the protests.

Thousands of Syrians poured to the streets on Friday after the prayers to push forward their demand for regime change in the country. The crackdown on the protesters has continued and it was reported that about six protesters were killed on Friday in different parts of the country. This incident occurred in interior locations in the country. The Syrian government adviser said that the death toll was low because the protests this time around is more peaceful as opposed to the other times when the protests used to be violent. The adviser said that the government recognizes the difference between peaceful protests and armed protests saying that the law enforcement never attacked peaceful protesters.

She said that the protesters are now conducting themselves peacefully and that the government is going to look into the grievances and discuss with them. This is the first time the government is soft pedaling from their hard lined positions on the protests.