Syrian crisis poses challenge to Middle-east peace

All the neighbors of Syria including Israel and Iran are of the opinion that the present regime in Syria must end now. The situation in Syria is much more complicated than it appears. All the countries and the happenings in the middle-east have close links with consequences and developments in Syria. All the situations arising out in Middle East due to Hamas, Iran, Lebanon, Israel, America., Iraq, Hezbollah are having some direct or indirect link with Syrian factor.

The role of Syrian people makes the situation even more complex. There is a fraction of people who thinks that the Present is providing the stability and security to the regime,. If the President is ousted, then the whole of Syria would be lost in uncertainty like Iraq and Afghanistan. People of Syria still remember the situation in Iraq where the country is lost in political uncertainty. The neighbors are worried about situation in Syria.

The Israel has her own dilemma.  Israel has concerns of getting off the bath party rule. Israel’s fear is that the Bath party rule may end up and more radical govt. Also Israel is closely examining the developments in Syria especially when the army will take over the epicenter of revolt Deraa.