Turkey Assures Gaddafi to leave Libya

The embattled leader of Libya Col Moamar Gadhafi had assurances from Turkey for him to leave Libya but has not gotten any answer from Gadhafi even as the NATO bombings close in on him. The prime minister of Turkey Tayyip Endogan made this disclosure on Friday.

The prime minister who was speaking to journalists in NTV said that Col. Gadhafi has no other option than to leave power and leave Libya. He said that his country has offered him safe guarantee through an envoy he dispatched to meet with Gadhafi in Tripoli. The prime minister said that they gave him the assurance that they would help him to go to anywhere he would like to go. He said that Turkey is ready to discuss with their allies to help him cede power and leave the country. He regretted that they have not received any response from Gadhafi.

Turkey is a member of NATO which had continued air bombardment of Tripoli. The prime minister did not elaborate on the type of assistance and guarantee they will give to Gadhafi. Both the rebels in Libya and NATO had given it as a condition that Gadhafi must leave the country before they would agree to any ceasefire. Gadhafi has remained adamant maintaining that he will fight the war to the last man.