U.S. diplomat to protect Bahrain Detainees

A US envoy had made case for the protection of Bahrain detainees. This appeal is coming on the background of reported abuse of rights of Shiite led protesters who were asking for extensive reforms in the country. The protest led to heavy crackdown in the country. The US government was disturbed over the crackdown and is asking the government to be mindful of human rights of the detainees.

US state department is optimistic that the proposed talk next month between the Sunni led government and the opposition will yield the expected result. The numbers of people who have lost their lives since the crackdown of the protesters started in February were put to about 31 people. Many pro democrats in the country were surprised that the US government is not punishing the Bahrain Monarch for the harsh crackdown of the opposition.

The silence of the US and other Arab nations over the crackdown of the Shiite protesters is for the fact that they are afraid of the role the Shiite regime in Iran is playing in the Arab world. They are afraid the success of Shiites may empower the Shiites in Iran to have more influence in the Arab world. But the Shiites in Bahrain constitute more than 70 percent of the Bahrain population. They claimed that they are being marginalized in all aspects of governance and development of the country.