Syrians flee fearing military tanks shifting

As Syrian government continued to roll its military tanks to many parts of the country some residents of Maarat al-Numan have fled their country. The citizens moved as tanks moved to Maarat al-Numan; they are fleeing the homes for the fear that the military will massacre them in their country. The government has also planned to carry out some military operations in the northern part of the country.

Their fear was confirmed when the head of the military political department confirmed that they have planned for an operation in some parts of the country adding that soldiers have surrounded some towns in the northern part of the country.

Major General Riad Haddad confirmed that the action of the military is aimed at flushing out the gunmen who were terrorizing people in the communities. It is not yet clear whether the military had entered the communities but observers said that there is an imminent humanitarian crisis in the area as thousands of people are pouring out from all directions of the city to escape the expected military assault.

People are moving out with all types of household items such as beds, blankets, bed sheet, cooking materials among other things. The Syrian government has been using extreme forces against protesters who are demanding for regime change in the country.