Hamas’ anti-aircraft missiles seized by Egypt

Egyptian security officials have seized many explosives, ammunition and arms hidden by Palestinians a warehouse facility in desert reportedly. The Egyptian force found a large store of ammunition that was meant to be smuggled to Gaza Strip from Sinai Peninsula and other adjacent areas.

The seized weapons include many anti-aircraft artillery shells and anti-aircraft missiles, reportedly the arms were to be smuggled to Gaza strip via tunnels. The security forces have destroyed many tunnels after firing on Israel across border with rockets and missiles

Nine weapons store were found in Sinai Peninsula prior to this in Rafah, El-Arish and also in northern and central part of the peninsula. All of them were stored and hidden in Sinai for smuggling into Gaza strip for Palestinians.

The security personnel of the Egypt revealed that there were machine guns, ammunition, 90 artillery shells, bullets of various sizes that counted 200 in number and several anti-tank landmines. There was also 100 kilograms of TNT found on the site. All ware houses are located in an isolated desert and security persons could not find anybody to interrogate regarding the ammunition found. The Egyptian authorities suspect more weapons hidden in Sinai Peninsula and they are looking for it.

Hamas threaten to respond sternly against Israeli aggression

There is tremendous increase in tension between Palestine and Israel. Israeli military have found Palestinians trying to plot a bomb on the Gaza border.

Palestinians claimed that two of their members were killed due to gunfire opened by the soldiers and through helicopters.

This is the first clash between the two sides in last two years since Gaza War Israel has started attacking Palestinians by helicopters in response to which the later fired rockets on border after which both groups remained calm.

This has led to issuing of an ultimatum to Hamas ruling Gaza trip by the Israel’s deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom in the weekly cabinet meeting.

Shalom also warned that is unlikely to be content with pre ceasefire conditions if Palestinian rockets continued their attacks on border and would respond sternly.

Israeli cabinet Minister Yuval Steinitz stated that the country had no choice but to attack against Hamas as they are forcing to do it.

Hamas are ruling in the Gaza strip and do not recognize Israel as a nation. They continuously threaten Israel and attack it whenever get a chance for that.

In reaction to Israel’s warning the Palestinian spokesperson Abu Obeida said that Israel would face a ‘painful’ military response for it any aggression it initiates.