New York prepares for redemption storm

New York’s mayor claims the city is ready to combat storm.

Michael Bloomberg, New York City Mayor has assured people after failing to help people x during blizzard that the administration would be prepared to tackle with any problems from now taking a lesson from their failure in post-Christmas storms.

It has been predicted however, by the National Weather Service that New York may experience 8-14 inches of snowfall along stormy winds with a speed around 25 miles per hour. Visibility would also be reduced. Therefore, the claims of the administration are not so far from being tested once again.

The Mayor admitted that the city lacked adequate equipment to clear roads and assist emergency needs of people in time but they would ensure this does not happen again.

He declared a “weather emergency” on Tuesday and advised people not to drive. drivers were given caution for parking their vehicles at proper places and it is hoped that no traffic jam will occur due to too many vehicles parked on the roads.

Schools are yet not opened till Wednesday.

Transportation, Parks, and Environmental Protection departments are assisting in clearing off snow from streets and roads. A new 15-point plan has been launched by the city administration to give quick response to people at the time of blizzard. GPS systems and Sanitation Department have also offered their services for emergency hours.

New York appoints Andrew Cuomo as new governor

New York appoints its 56th governor –Andrew Cuomo– on Friday.

Andrew Cuomo was sworn in front of his family members in the governors’ mansion in Albany. His father Mario Cuomo is a former governor.

Cuomo’s powers as a governor are effective from last midnight and he has started working from today with the morning cabinet meeting. The Democrat is ready to face the challenging issues lying to be resolved that include fiscal crises and ethical issues.

Cuomo was born in New York City. His family has Italian and American origin. His parents Andrea Cuomo, an Italian and mother Immacolata belonged to Tramonti, owned a store in south Jamaica in New York City.

Cuomo got his bachelor’s degree in 1953 and a law degree from St Johns University in 1956. He always aspired to be a trial lawyer in the beginning of his career. He was also sent to work as a clerk with a judge Adrian P. Burke who served in an appeal court in New York.

Cuomo also played baseball and he was playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates minor league before he got injured. After then, Cuoma started scouting the same team.

Cuomo was working as attorney general for New York As a governor he has replaced now David Paterson. Paterson had took the post when Eliot Spitzer was obliged to resign after being hooked in a scandal with a call girl.