US judge rules rampage suspect incompetent

A federal judge in America ruled on Wednesday that Jarel Loughner is incompetent to stand trial; reason being that he is mentally unbalanced. Loughher was arraigned before the court for opening fire on a constituent event in January which led to the death of about 6 people and 12 other people sustaining injuries.

The judge Larry Burns had earlier suspended proceedings on the case when the accused misbehaved and sent him to Springfield psychiatric center for examination. He was suspected to be suffering from schizophrenia. However the case was adjourned to September 21 to enable prosecution continue with the case, at that time it was expected that the accused would have become mentally balanced enough to understand the 49 charges that were laid against him.

It is feared that the accused would never get the emotional competence again and he will remain in the facility for the rest of his life. However the prosecutors are optimistic that by the time the court reconvenes again for the case on September that Loughner would have improved mentally for him to face justice for the multiple crimes and the charges that are laid against him. The court officials are having a review of the proceeding to ascertain the veracity of the statement that was credited to him for the short relieve on the trial.