World powers delayed Yemen transition plan

It was the plan of the world powers to restore Gulf brokered plan which was aimed at removing the president Saleh out of power that delayed the formation of the transition government in Yemen.

However Qatar which is deeply involved in the plan has withdrawn citing the escalation of protest in the country as the reason for backing out. A deal was already reached which president Saleh was hesitating to sign. However the secretary of GCC is expected to resuscitate the deal when he visits Sanaa.

It would be recalled that the Yemen military used excessive force against the protesters yesterday killing two of the protesters and wounding many of them. The attacks against the civilians were condemned by world leaders. The United States of America has condemned the attack and called on all the parties to abide by the terms of agreement already reached to bring about a smooth transition to power. It remarked that the transition to power has to commence without delay so as to enable the people of the country realize their dreams.

There are worries expressed over the region that the escalation of the violence could give al Qaeda the opportunity to exploit the crises and worsen the situation.